Why A Pre-Owned Truck Is Right For You!

If you love cars and trucks, nothing beats sitting behind the wheel of a new vehicle. From the fresh, sparkling paint job to the shiny rims, to that “new car smell” that wafts into the interior when you immerse yourself in the cab, owning a new truck provides you with a sense of pride and ownership. Chances are, you’ve worked long and hard to save up the cash, and whether its necessary for work or simply to enjoy out on the open road, having your own vehicle is a luxury in itself. But sometimes, buying a new truck isn’t in the cards for some, especially those who are managing their fair share of a mortgage, existing car leases and loans and other financial expenses. In fact, some people might call buying a new truck downright ridiculous! Like every lavish purchase, if you’re a good negotiator, chances are you can bargain yourself to a “good deal”. However, even if you manage to wiggle your way down the red sticker price, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve beat the salesman. Between the associated fees, subsequent costs, and losses in value such as depreciation, buying new could actually put a dent in your finances and cost you much more than you bargained for in the long run.

Skip Pricey Sales Tax and Registration Fees!

Many people seem to forget that the minute you drive your new truck off the dealership lot, it loses a huge chunk of its resale value. Why be the original buyer who pays more than double, when you can be the pre-owned truck buyer who pays less? Buying a pre-owned truck with low mileage on it can be very advantageous when you consider how much money you will save. More often than not, dealerships don’t fully disclose the steep sales tax up front, and you must be careful to read the fine print before you sign off on a lease. When you buy used, there are no surprise fees and if you buy a pre-owned truck from a private seller, you also dodge the sales tax. Another primary benefit to skipping out on a new truck is the registration fee, which is highest in the first three years and plateaus after approximately five years. So, if you purchase a truck that is roughly between this timeframe, you can save upwards of thousands of dollars, depending on where you live!

Another fee you may not know about but may impact new car buyers are shipping charges, destination fees, and what is known as “dealer preparation.” Instead of caving to ridiculous dealer fees, walk away and find a dealership that offers used trucks instead, allowing you to remain in control and set the stage for the first round of negotiations.

Don’t Fall For Useless Extra’s and Add-On’s!

When you buy used, you’re not just paying for the truck. You’re emptying your pockets for the technologically-savvy entertainment system, satellite radio, seat covers and anything and everything else that new vehicles so often come equipped with nowadays. As an easy cash grab, many dealerships create custom packages that offer these upgrades to truck shoppers, which can end up tacking on a couple extra thousand if you’re not careful. The fact of the matter is, these add-on’s, whether it’s a protective anti-rust coating on your rims, or a protective film, actually cost much less when you take the time to do it yourself. Purchasing a pre-owned truck lets you see your truck for what it really is. And while it may not come fully-equipped with everything you want it to, it’s important to remember what you truly need versus what you want, and note that you can always shop around for accessories at a later time. Once you have a list of the extra features you’d like to splurge on to make your pre-owned truck your own, rest assured and take satisfaction in knowing that you’ll be getting it t a price much cheaper than your previous counterpart did.

Buying a pre-owned truck is a great way to save money on a high quality vehicle. You can even use some of that extra money in your bank account to accessorize! At Hanover Chrysler, we’ve got an exciting line-up of pre-owned Dodge trucks and diesel trucks. Check out our used vehicle showroom for a great selection, and if you see something you like, call us at 1-(888) 910-8980 to book a test drive!