Vehicle Maintenance


Vehicle Maintenance Guide

Is your vehicle ready for its next maintenance? It’s easy to lose track of time and neglect to schedule a regular service appointment, especially when your vehicle seems to be running great. Keep track of what services you need and stay on top of these regular car services to help ensure your vehicle will keep running and keep some value for years to come. Use our Maintenance Guide to help you plan out your next automotive service appointment. Simply find the make and model of your vehicle below and learn more about what it takes to keep your vehicle in top shape at the right price. Find details about pricing and services to help you better understand the breakdown of cost and labour. When you're ready, contact our service department to schedule a service. Our expert service technicians can help keep your vehicle running like new!

Why is Maintenance so important?

Brakes don't last forever

brake maintenance

Your brake system is built tough but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need an inspection. Brake pads and rotors go through a lot and need replacing. As a significant part of your safety system, proper brake maintenance is essential and shouldn't be left until you notice a problem.

Keep up with regular oil changes because:

Keep up with regular oil changes

Engine oil prevents the moving parts in your engine from seizing up and causing costly damage to your vehicle. Over time oil deteriorates and becomes less effective. Replacing your used engine oil ensures that the proper additives can control heat and friction, keeping your motor well out of harm's way.

Keep up with regular oil changes because:

Problems dont fix themselves

Hearing a little squeak or creak? Unusual noises or bumps when you’re driving are usually a sign that something is wrong. Leaving these things untouched allow little problems to grow into big expensive ones. Having a regular service inspection can catch issues before they spring up.