The Best DIY Upgrades For Your Dodge Ram

Money can be tight around the holidays. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your vehicle preferences. While you might not be able to give yourself the gift of a brand new Dodge Ram, there are plenty of tricks to upgrade your older model at a much cheaper cost. Hanover Chrysler sells genuine Dodge Ram parts and accessories that can transform any truck into a customized work of art. Whether you’re looking to fully renovate the interior, add some sparkling new LED headlights or taillamps, or do something simple like install custom floor mats, we have the inventory you need to get started. Plus, if you need a helping hand, our service technicians are always on site to offer their advice and expert recommendations. Here are the best 5 DIY upgrades that can make your Dodge Ram stand out on the road.

Suspension Systems

Suspension lift kits can easily increase the height of your truck and make it look even bigger and fiercer than it already is. Your Dodge Ram already comes with the manufacturer’s suspension system, but that doesn’t mean you can’t kick things up a notch. The right lift kit can increase your truck’s off-road performance and also provide you with better control. Suspension kits vary by model and it’s important that you speak with your dealer to ensure you’re getting the best one for your truck.

Air Intake System

Performance air intake systems can be added to your truck to create that roaring noise every truck lover enjoys hearing. Aftermarket cold air intake systems are marketed with claims of increased engine efficiency and performance.

Step Bar

Owning a big truck gives you a clear view on the roads, but depending on how long your legs are, it can be a bit of a pain jumping in and out of the cab! A step bar makes entering and exiting your truck easy enough, especially in the winter when surfaces are slippery. Step bars offer a nice touch to the outside of your truck, and your passengers will probably thank you too.

Grille Guard

Much like hockey players use mouth guards to protect their pearly whites, your truck could use a grille guard to protect its front or rear fascia. Grill guards aren’t just fancy chrome accent pieces. In case your vehicle takes a hit up front or behind, the guard can prevent excess damage on your truck’s important parts, like those expensive LED or HID lights. The extra bonus is how your truck will look with a strong and sturdy armour.

Larger Wheels

Want a more rugged look? It’s easy to swap out your manufacturer’s wheels for something a little more personal. Whether you’re looking for chrome, stainless steel or painted versions, there’s a design and model that will look good on your truck. While you’re at it, why not upgrade your tires as well? Performance tires are a great way to get the most out of your truck. Hanover Chrysler can help you find the perfect set.

Are you looking to add a little bit of flair to your Dodge Ram? Shop our Parts Department and order parts and accessories online. Remember to visit our Tire Store if you’re looking for some inspiration regarding a new set of rubber. Need a helping hand? Schedule a service appointment with our technicians and get your Dodge Ram custom built in no time. Call us today at 1-(888) 910-8980 or contact online for more information.