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Traditions help us carry on the best of what previous generations had to offer, and the most important tradition upheld by Dodge is the manufacturing of vehicles that are innovative, powerful and capable of standing the test of time.

Every vehicle in this lineup delivers the world-class capability, superb efficiency and incredible versatility you've come to expect from your Dodge. If you’re ready to upgrade to a sporty sedan, a spacious minivan or a spectacular SUV, you’re looking to drive a Dodge.

Now that you know you’re making the best decision possible, it’s time to come into the best Dodge dealership near Collingwood and browse an impeccable selection of Dodge cars, trucks, and SUVs. We’ll help you find your perfect one, all you will have to do is enjoy it.

Delicious Perks

Enjoy complimentary homemade butter tarts with every vehicle purchase—yum!

Saving You Space

Enjoy free tire storage for a season when you purchase 4 new tires.

Convenience is Key

Car in the shop? We have loaner cars, convenient shuttles, and a valet vehicle service.

Why Choose Hanover Chrysler Dodge

Turning it Up a Notch near Collingwood

What can you do while you drive your awesome Dodge? You can enjoy your favourite tunes, of course. Your Dodge comes with an amazing sound system, and it is ready to keep you entertained both on quick grocery runs and on some really long road trips. Turn it up and have a great time!

Spellbindingly Smooth and Safe Journeys

There’s no telling when an easy ride will turn into a hazardous road situation. Whether it’s an intense storm or a careless driver, your safety is assured in any situation. Your Dodge comes with an amazing array of safety features that warn, prevent and protect in case of danger. Drive confidently knowing that in a Dodge, you’re safe.

Investing Our Efforts in Engineering

Some cars have to rely on their appearance or their marketing, but your Dodge is outstanding and popular among drivers based entirely on its merit as a reliable and efficient vehicle. By investing in innovative engineering and spectacular design, we’re confident that your Dodge will keep you happy and on the road for many years to come.

Dodge Dealers are the Best

As the go-to Dodge dealer near Collingwood, we’re the experts on matching aspiring Dodge drivers with their ideal vehicle. Whether you’re in the market for an SUV, a truck or anything in between, we will get you behind the wheel of your dream Dodge. Visit us at Hanover Chrysler Dodge today!